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There Are But Four Small Faces [2CD Mediabook]

Small Faces

There Are But Four Small Faces [2CD Mediabook]

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Various Artists
Ding Dong Presents Vol2- Rock Bop Boogie & Rock And Roll Pills

Ding Dong Presents Vol2- Rock Bop Boogie & Rock And Roll Pills


'When these were first issued, a flood of new rockabilly classics was unleashed and they've remained classics to this day. ' Mark Lamarr

Continuing the series of key titles from the much loved Ding Dong Sun Rock’n’Roll collections which have never previously been available on CD.

Staying faithful to the wild original packaging each mid-price package contains two original albums on 2 discs.

In the mid-eighties, Ding Dong, the legendary French Rock’n’Roll DJ, was allowed access to the Sun vaults, where he unearthed countless gems from this legendary label’s catalogue including many previously unheard or rare versions of tracks. He then complied these tracks into a series of seminal albums, which when they were released introduced a new generation of music lovers to the tracks and created a new wave of rockabilly fans.

The albums were only ever available on vinyl, copies of which are now almost impossible to find, but these double CD reissues will give fans the chance to hear these tracks again.

The second volume features the Rock Bop Boogie and Rock & Roll Pills albums and includes tracks from Barbara Pittman, Carl Perkins, The Miller Sisters, Malcolm Yelvington and more.

Cd 1 – Rock Bop Boogie

  1. Smokey Joe Baugh – Hula Bop
  2. Barbara Pitman – Sentimental Fool
  3. Miller Sisters – Ten Cats Down
  4. Dean Beard – Rakin & Scrapin (2)
  5. Harold Jenkins – I Need Your Lovin Kiss
  6. Dean Beard – When You’re Gone
  7. Smokey Joe Baugh – She’s A Woman
  8. Smokey Joe Baugh – Paul Reveiere
  9. Carl Perkins – I’m Sorry I’m Not Sorry
  10. Malcolm Yelvington – It’s Me Baby
  11. Malcolm Yelvington – Rock & Roll
  12. With My Baby
  13. Smokey Joe Baugh – The Signifying Monkey
  1. Smokey Joe Baugh – Listen To Me Baby

Cd 2 – Rock & Roll Pills

  1. Wade & Dick – Wild Woman
  2. Macy ‘Skip’ Skipper – Bop Pills
  3. Jimmy Williams – Fire Engine Red
  4. Jimmy Williams – Sonny Boy
  5. Macy ‘Skip’ Skipper – Whatch That Stuff
  6. Barbara Pittman – Sentimental Fool (2)
  7. Carl Mcvoy – Tootsie
  8. Macy ‘Skip’ Skipper – Slow Rock & Roll
  9. Jean Chapel – I Won’t Be Rockin Tonight
  10. The Kirby Sisters – Red Velvet
  11. Jean Chapel – Welcome To The Club
  12. Maggie Sue Wimberly – Rock & Roll Cinnamon Tree
  13. Maggie Sue Wimberly – Call Me Anything But Call Me
  1. Barbara Pittman – Voice Of A Fool

Ding Dong Presents Vol2- Rock Bop Boogie & Rock And Roll Pills

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