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John Lee Hooker 
The Cream

The Cream



The definitive 2CD re-issue of the classic 1977 Hooker album, featuring the original double album in its entirety plus five bonus tracks.

During an extraordinarily recording career spanning over half a century, John Lee Hooker recorded prolifically and for numerous record labels. Since its release The Cream has been regarded as being one of his finest albums and an essential part of his recorded legacy. It captures Hooker at the peak of his considerable powers, despite his being in his sixties at the time.

Recorded in September 1977 at The Keystone club in California, Hooker is in blinding form here, fronting a rocking six-piece band and delivering memorable performances of such Hooker classics as ‘Tupelo’, ‘Sugar Mama’ and the truly harrowing ‘T. B. Sheets’.

This is a definitive cd re-issue of one of this classic Hooker album since this 2-cd set includes the original double album in its entirety - previous re-issues have been accommodated on a single cd which has necessitated omitting certain songs and using an edited version of ‘Boogie On’, the jam used by Hooker as his show’s closer, an extended work-out of his first-ever hit, ‘Boogie Chillen’.

In addition, this re-issue includes five bonus tracks, including his big hit ‘Boom Boom’, taken from a live concert Hooker gave in Chicago a few weeks after The Cream session.

Disc One

1.  Hey, Hey
2.  Rock Steady
3.  Tupelo
4.  You Know It Ain’t Right
5.  She’s Gone
6.  T. B. Sheets
7.  Sugar Mama
8.  One Room Country Shack
9.  Drug Store Woman
10.I Want You To Roll Me

Disc 2

1.  Bar Room Drinking
2.  Little Girl
3.  Louise
4.  When My First Wife Left Me
5.  Boogie On
Bonus Tracks
6.  Feel Good
7.  Boom, Boom
8.  It Serves Me Right To Suffer
9.  One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
10.Crawlin’ King Snake


The Cream

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