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Our Mother The Mountain [180 gram vinyl]

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Humble Pie
Town And Country 

Town And Country 



For contractual reasons this release is not available to purchase from this site by customers in the UK.

Humble Pie's classic 1969 album for the Immediate label, plus eight bonus tracks including 'Natural Born Bugie'.

Formed in April 1969, Humble Pie were one of the most successful ‘supergroups’ of the late Sixties, ranking in popularity and influence with Cream and Blind Faith.

At the core of the group was Steve Marriott - front man of the Small Faces - and Peter Frampton. Both highly-accomplished singers and guitarists, their contrasting styles gave Humbe Pie a unique sound, which was to influence the likes of Led Zeppelin and Paul Weller in years to come. Whilst Marriott took a rock approach, Frampton favoured a more pastoral, acoustic approach, resulting in a hybrid of sexy blues and hippie folk.

Signed to Immediate Records, their well-received debut album, As Safe As Yesterday Is was released in July 1969, at the same time as their debut single 'Natural Born Bugie', which shot to No.4 in the U.K chart. Town And Country, their second album, was released at the end of 1969. In contrast to the rock approach of their debut album and single, Town And Country was lighter in feel and almost entirely acoustic.

This reissue of Town And Country also contains 8 bonus tracks, featuring the best of rest of the group’s Immediate recordings, including the non-album smash single ‘Natural Born Bugie’ and its B-side ‘Wrist Job’ as well as selected highlights from As Safe As Yesterday Is.


1.  Take Me Back
2.  The Sad Bag Of Shaky Jake
3.  The Light Of Love
4.  Cold Lady
5.  Down Home Again
6.  Ollie Ollie
7.  Every Mother’s Son
8.  Heartbeat
9.  Only You Can See
10. Silver Tongue
11. Home And Away
Bonus tracks
12. Desperation
13. Stick Shift
14. Buttermilk Boy
15. As Safe As Yesterday Is
16. Bang!
17. Alabama ’69
18. Wrist Job
19. Natural Born Bugie

For contractual reasons this release is not available to purchase from this site by customers in the UK.

Town And Country 

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